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Finally – going to test the Rekluse EXP and initial observations

I will be heading to Highland Park tomorrow to finally test out the Rekluse EXP in the KDX hybrid.  The engine is broken in, gassed up with 90 octane ethanol free gas mixed 32:1 with Yamalube 2R and the EXP adjusted:

Ready to ride

After riding around the yard a number of times breaking in the engine, the EXP seems to be working exactly how I would expect.  If you gently roll on the throttle and at low RPM, the EXP slips until the RPM’s come up.  If you get on the gas hard, the EXP locks up instantly and there is no problem getting the front wheel in the air.  If you ride a gear or two high, the EXP slips as well.  And most importantly, if you slam on the rear brake the engine doesn’t stall.

Highland Park will be a great place to test the EXP because of the countless hills they have there.  Although it has been several years since I had the DynaRing, I can still remember the two hills there where the DynaRing would slip when I thought it shouldn’t be slipping (high RPM and in the appropriate gear).    I will make sure to hit those several times.