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Final truing of the HBR crank

I’ve had this crank I rebuilt a while ago stored away waiting for a bottom end to put in.  I thought I’d check the run-out one last time before I installed it.  It was well under specs, but I thought I’d push my luck and see if I could get it better.

I put the indicators as far out as possible to get the best reading.

finalcranktrue (5)

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Kawasaki didn’t make it very easy on the clutch side.  Between the keyway slot and the locator pin hole for the water pump gear, there isn’t much real estate to work with:

finalcranktrue (6)

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The flywheel side didn’t have as many obstacles, but with the taper, any later movement would throw the reading off:

finalcranktrue (7)

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After just a handful of calculated whacks, I had the indicator on the flywheel side just barely moving and the clutch side was just under .001″ out.

I didn’t set-up the indicators exactly like outlined in the manual, but this orientation should highlight the run-out a little better than what is shown in the manual.

finalcranktrue (1)

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Both indicators barely moved.  Even with the limitations of my set-up and indicators, this should be a long lasting and smooth running crank.