Harold Bawlzangya Racing


First oil change

Turns out the weather man was wrong and today was another great day.  I decided to take a long drive to Walmart and get oil for an oil change.  Still need to put the side panels on the cart.

Almost 15 miles round trip and a top speed for the drive of 33mph.


No longer a neighborhood virgin

Today looks like it will be the last really nice day for a while – near 80 degrees and no rain.

I bolted on the rear bumper and finished securing the body down.  I added the city stickers to the sides so I would be legal.   Took a ride to Home Depot to pickup some screws to secure the cup holder to the dash.


Front bumper on

A little heat gun clean-up.

Fuel pump return line restrictor

As I have been driving around to break in the engine, I started having fuel delivery problems.  After looking at a few things, it finally hit me that my return line was too free flowing.  The fuel line is much longer, has a fuel filter in-line and it goes down a size to be able to connect to the carb.  The fuel was taking the path of least resistance and at higher speeds, all the fuel was going through the return line and none was making it to the carb.

I got a barbed brass connector and filled one end with solder.  On my second try I got the diameter of the hole sized properly.

About 1.25 hours of driving and no problems yet.

Much more comfortable ride

I finally got the body on (temporarily) so I could ride around on a comfortable seat instead of a 2″ wide piece of steel.  Two observations – this cart is quiet and goes really fast!


First ride with the GX390

Took the cart out for the first time with the new GX390.  I took it easy since it is a new engine, never really got over 2100 rpm, but that was good for 20mph.  About 1/2 way through riding around I thought I should pull over and check things over.  That is when I discovered I lost my tailpipe.

I started backtracking and found it in the gutter.  I need to remember to hose clamp that thing on next time.


Slight change in direction

I don’t know why it took so long to hit me – but the clone/Lifan engine is really loud.  I took my phone app and pulled the stock Club Car next to my cart for some side by side comparisons.  At idle the Club Car was 5dB quieter, which is about 50% less in perceived noise levels.  As I revved the Club Car to 2000rpm, it gradually got louder.  When I did the same with the clone engine, it was a night and day difference.  It went from about 85dB to nearly 100dB at 2000 rpm.  That just isn’t going to work.

Here is the same idle – 2000rpm on the Club Car:

I started researching how I can make this thing quieter and long story short, I found a brand new Honda GX390 for sale about an hour north of me.  I took the drive and sure enough it was brand new.  Brought it home and most everything swapped directly over.  I did have to modify a few things due to differences between the Lifan 390 and the Honda 390.

When I was removing the governor, I added a cap instead of a plug for a future modification.

Ready for the Honda:

All bolted in place:

I am pleased and relived to report that the Honda is about 1dB quieter at idle and about 1 dB louder at 2000rpm than the Club Car.