Harold Bawlzangya Racing


Walker 22229 Exhaust

Finally getting around to the exhaust.  There is really no room in the back of the cart to put the muffler, so it was just a matter of where it would go up front.

Using 1″ black pipe.  That should help keep things quiet and last a while.

This was going to work out to be the best location:

Test fit engine and rear end together for the first time

Stater/generator mounting

Since I like to overbuild things, this is all made from 3/16″ steel plate:

Sandblasted, ready for paint:

Engine Mount

Some 2″ black pipe and 3/16″ two inch angle iron:

Turns into these two pieces that are ready for painting:

Then the bottom clamps:

Ready for painting:

How these fit to the engine cradle:

Two original golf carts are now free

I bought the gas G29 for $500 and the electric G29 for $80.  I sold the engine for $350 and just sold the gas rear end for $300.

The person was having a boat delivered from Georgia to Minnesota and arranged to have a stop made at the house.

I didn’t get as much for the rear end as I was hoping, but it was worth it not having to deal with trying to ship the unit.

A little more damage

In stripping the gas cart down to the frame, I found this crack in the plastic floor pan in the well that the brake/gas pedal assembly bolt to:


The $80 electric parts cart is getting to be a better deal as time goes on.  The plastic floor pan from the electric cart fits the gas frame just fine – all the bolt holes line up.


All I will need to do is cut out the center section where the batteries would sit to make room for the gas engine.