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Need just a little more room

Now that I actually have the seat bottom, I can see that the top of the S/G is going to be pretty close to hitting the bottom of the seat.  I could either relieve some of the plastic under the seat to get the added clearance or I could go with a smaller belt and drop the S/G down.  Since lowering the S/G is going to take more work – that is what I’m doing.

There are two points that are keeping the S/G from dropping further down.  On the drivers side it is hitting this mounting tab:

And the S/G is hitting my brace on the passenger side:

I was using that mount for the engine kill ground, but there is another bolt just to the right that I can use.

That was easy enough:

Luckily there was enough room that I could get the angle grinder in there and didn’t have to remove that brace:

I picked up a 30″ belt hoping that I could use it.  But with the S/G down as far as it could possibly go, the 30″ belt was going to be too tight.  Autozone had a 30.5″ belt that fit perfect, at it was only $5.

Plenty of room now:

When I need to replace it, here is the #:



Finally have a something to sit on

My $500 gas cart came with a seat back, but no seat bottom.  And that seat back wasn’t in the greatest of shape.  Since I’m finally getting close to having a cart I can ride on, I thought I should start focusing on getting something to sit on.

My original place was to recover the seat back and buy a seat bottom.  This wasn’t the best price but it wasn’t bad considering it was a Yamaha seat that had the plastic bottom piece:

My search for Drive seats was still active and this auction came to my attention.  These seats didn’t include the plastic backs, but I got this one as well:

It took 4 days on Craigslist, but I was able to sell the seat bottom that didn’t have the plastic base.  So I bought the seat back/bottom combo for $153.70, the Yamaha seat bottom for $169 and then sold the extra seat bottom for $145.  Pretty pleased that I got new seats for just $177.70.


Precedent bagwell storage

ABS plastic sheet, stainless steel hinges and cylinder lock.  Turned out better than I expected.

Exhaust 2.0

So this is what I get when designing an exhaust with the engine cradle out of the cart and not factoring in the space available once the engine is installed.  So this is the passenger side – the battery is way too close to the exhaust and with the gas tank being even wider, no way it will fit there either:

That means I need to find a smaller fuel cell or just leave that area open and maybe put the electronics there.

Moving over the to the drivers side, the battery could work there, but then I don’t have a lot more room for the airbox:

There were a few other more minor problems with having the muffler in front, but the previous issues were the deal breakers for me.

My only option was installing the muffler vertical near the rear end.  Here is the stainless muffler support bracket:

In place with the exhaust tacked in:

All done:

New spark plug boot

Now that is a flat tire!

The $80 cart saves me again

That $80 electric parts cart just keeps saving me.  Now that the engine in is the cart, I can focus on getting all the small things hooked so I can take it for a test drive.  I noticed a few broken parts on the gas pedal assembly.

I tried a few times but could never get anyone to buy the electric pedal assembly.  Really glad I never did sell it because at first glance, the gas and electric pedal assemblies look identical.  Well except the electric assembly is in better shape.

The electric assembly has the mount for the gas brake switch, here it is transferred over:

The only difference between the gas and electric assemblies is the electric uses a different shaft to tie into the potentiometer.



Everything transferred over and hooked up and ready to bolt in the gas cart:

I will save the pedals but throw away the frame: