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golf cart

Best modification yet

Engine adjustments are now just a one-handed job.  This is the front and the rear is similar, but tied into the S/G bracket.


Vibration isolator mounts finished

I made my own isolator mounts and the turned out well.  The problem was that the 60 duro urethane was just too stiff.

I bought the VC isolators (left) and they did an OK job, but still were on the firm side.  I went to McMaster Carr and picked up some softer mounts (right).  The softer mounts did an outstanding job of keeping the vibrations away from the rest of the cart.

The next issue was dealing with engine moving back toward the rear end during acceleration.  Even with the stiffer VC mounts the engine moved back.  And with the softer mounts it was even worse.  I thought about doing the torque strap/cable that Yamaha uses but found a use for the VC isolater mount afterall.

This is what the cradle and engine mount plate look like:

The engine doesn’t move back while keeping the vibrations to the rest of the cart to a minimum.

Finally some progress

The cross-member that I built into my cradle was exactly in the way of my old exhaust.  So I needed to make a new mounting bracket and I did away with the short 90 degree pieces.

Mounting plate installed:

Engine installed without the exhaust:

Exhaust installed:



Engine plate – step one

I left this oversize as I still need to finalize how I will mount the engine plate to the engine cradle.

I am going to be making custom isolation mounts out of this urethane:

Stainless steel engine cradle/swingarm

I bought some 3/16″ stainless plate and 2″ square tubing back in November to make a custom engine cradle/swingarm.

I was going to build this over the winter but never got around to it.  I finally started this project this week.  The weather was all over the place – day 1 & 2 I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and the AC was on.  Day 3 & 4 it was jeans and a jacket with the heat back on.  On the last day – day 5 – it was back to shorts and a t-shirt.

After triple checking my numbers, I started with these cuts:

Then on to the proper positioning of the cross-member:

One of the key items I needed to incorporate into this was an “anti-wrap” feature or bracing to keep the rear end from wanting to twist under acceleration.  This is the final product:

Last test fitting before putting it in the cart:

In and everything looks and lines up well.


12.4.17 Ride

It looks like today was the last nice day for a while – upper 60’s with sun.  Tomorrow it rains and then highs only in the 50’s with some additional rain.  I drove about 17 miles today.  There is nothing like a freshly paved path:

Something seems to be missing here:

Finally – a shifter

I finally got around to getting the shifter set-up.  The first problem was the arm on the rear end was too long and hit the body.

That was easy enough to cut down.  I was able to use the bracket on the rear end, I just had to make some adjustments on it.

Then I had to add an extension on to the Yamaha shifter assembly to get the cable to work properly. I also took that as an opportunity to add a little bracket so I could mount the disc brake reservoir.  That was easier than welding a bracket to the frame.

I’m using the electric body, so I’ll need to make a cover plate later on.

I can finally install this cover.  I just need to get more body plugs.