Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Keeping crap out

So the last few times I have driven the route where I can go 20mph+ for an extended period of time, I have had the problem of the engine dying.  I wind up letting the engine sit for a few minutes and then I have to use the choke to get it started again.  Fortunately this occurs on my way home and I’m only about one mile from the house.  When I get home, I pull the carb to find debris in the bottom of the fuel bowl.  After the first time it happened, I replaced both fuel filters.  When it happened the 2nd time, I knew the debris wasn’t coming in through the gas line.

I find that there is a vent on the side of this carb.  I added a line and installed a filter that I had used on my dirt bikes for the same purpose.  I added a filter to the over flow line just because I have several of them.   Another ride or two will tell me if this takes care of the problem.

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