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Chinese vs. Genuine Comet 780 clutch comparison

It turns out there are a couple of easy ways to tell if you just received an genuine Comet 780 clutch that was made in the U.S. or a cheap Chinese copy.

A real Comet should come in a box with some paperwork and a couple of parts:

My CVC (Chinese Vegas Carts) came wrapped in bubblewrap.

If you flip the clutch over, on the back of the fixed sheave there should be some numbers cast into the sheave.  Here is the back of the Comet:

And here is the back of the CVC:

One other thing you can do to check without touching a thing, the moveable sheave has three tabs that can be seen from the outside of the clutch.  Here is the Comet:

This is the worn out CVC moveable sheave that I replaced.  Notice no tabs on the outside edge:

If you really want to dig in and start taking things apart, the next thing you can check is what type of threads the clutch is set-up for.  If you remove the dome cover, the Comet will have standard threads, in this case 1/4-20.  The bolts holding down the pins for the roller weights are the same.  My CVC was threaded with metric M6 threads and bolts.

Also with the dome cover removed, you can take a look at the locking plates that are holding the weights in place.  Here the Comet has the locking plate folded up:

And then here is the CVC with the flat locking plate.

The Comet moveable sheave will also have some numbers cast into it.  This also shows the tabs I mentioned before:

No numbers whatsoever on the CVC moveable sheave:

If you keep going and take the weights off, there is a difference there as well.  The weights are designed differently. The CVC on the left has metal guides integrated into the arms of the weight. The Comet weight is on the right.  Plastic spacers fit into those larger openings as seen below. So you have metal-on-metal vs. plastic-on-metal.



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