Harold Bawlzangya Racing


I am going to finally cover up this opening in the electric dash:

I am going to try and use as much of my failed shroud as I can.  The first cut is always the hardest:

I am going to get the sensor and magnet mounted first.  I didn’t want to have to drill anything on the Jake’s spindles or weld anything, so I mounted the magnet to one of the bolts holding the disk in place.  I doubt that this extra weight so close to the center of the wheel will cause much of an imbalance.

I made up this bracket that will be bolted in place on the spindle:

And here is where this bracket mounts:

I made a cutout for the base of the computer:

Fits well:

I’m using a strap across the bottom two mounting bolts to hold the base in place:

I didn’t polish the face of the plate, but used some finer sandpaper to get some of the grinding marks out:

This computer goes down to centimeters.  I measured the circumference of my tire and come up with 143.5 cm.  I can only add whole numbers, so I went with 144 cm.  Opened the GPS app on my phone and drove around the neighborhood.  This should be about the most accurate test of the GPS as there aren’t any trees in the way and most of the almost one mile loop is straight.

And then I went for a drive on the paths through the woods.  The discrepancy wasn’t too bad:

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