Harold Bawlzangya Racing

First oil change with the Dranz-it

I cut down a plastic coffee container so it would fit under the engine cradle.  I knew the patio under the deck was sloped, so I backed the cart up under the deck.  I removed the cap from the dranz-it set the coffee container under it.  I did some other things and came back with the jack and lifted the rear of the cart 3-5 inches.  No more oil came out, so I now have a good spot to to all my future oil changes without any additional equipment.

A few ounces of the good stuff and I’m back in business.

The next day I poured off most of the oil in the container.  I then added gas to help thin out the oil so I could pour everything through a coffee filter.  This is what was left:

I saw a few pieces of aluminum.  I ran a magnet across the debris and then wiped the magnet off in a napkin. This is what came off the magnet:

Next time I am going to do the same procedure but instead of running everything through a coffee filter, I am going to let the gas evaporate in a white container.  The white container will let me see what came out and it will allow me to put a magnet underneath and pull all the iron pieces off to the side.

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