Harold Bawlzangya Racing

My reserve tank

I had to run a bypass on the fuel pump supply line, otherwise the the carb would overflow.

When I built the SS cradle, I designed it so that the engine would sit lower.  With my original set-up, the top of the S/G was closer to the bottom of the seat than I would have liked.

Now that the engine is sitting lower in the cradle, I was able to put together an idea I had a while ago.  I found a small moped gas tank that I spliced into the return line from the fuel pump supply and the tank.  I mounted it as high up as I could place it.  Now the carb is being gravity fed and when the fuel hits a certain level in the small tank, it overflows back into the big tank.

The bypass was working fine, so why go through the extra effort?  The cool part of this is that if my fuel pump ever fails, I can still drive home.  All I have to do is pressurize the tank and fuel will fill up the small reserve tank.  I have to remove the gas cap (it is vented) and hold my hand over the opening.  Then if I pull the return line from the reserve tank and blow into it, the pressure forces gas into the reserve tank.  Not sure how many miles I can go with that amount of gas before I have to do it all over again, but it beats being stuck.

This is what it looks like with the body installed.

I have put 50-60 miles on this set-up and it works perfectly.


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