Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Some work and some play

For the work, it was a warm day and I cut off most of the golf bag holder arms and then spray painted the cut ends.

I then spent some time aligning the front end.  I now have about 1/16″ toe in and the cart drives straight with the steering wheel perfectly level.

Now for the play.  This looks like a great place to do some 0-30mph times.

And of course there is an app for that.  I thought I had the jetting dialed in pretty well, but I’ve learned that jetting a 4 cycle is nothing like a 2 stroke dirt bike.  The first couple of runs all gave similar results as this:

I don’t know what prompted me to mess with the main jet, but I opened it up a little and my times dropped into the 10’s.   I kept opening up the main jet a little at a time and got my best run:

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