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Carb intake adapter

Vegas Carts used to make an adapter to connect the clone carb to the OEM/stock Club Car airbox.  I had been holding off on buying one, thinking there was no hurry.  When I finally decided to get it, it appears I was a month late as Vegas Carts has stopped making/selling them.

So I thought I would see if I could make their 32mm Billet adapter work.  What I needed was an adapter that would mate the 32mm adapter to the front of the carb.  I drilled the two holes for the carb studs and then traced the two different gaskets on each side.  This is a piece of 1/2″ aluminum plate.

I set my hand router to a little over 1/4″ depth of cut and then slowly started routing out the material.  Here is the carb side:

Once both halves were routed, I was left with the sharp edges that represented the differences of the two sides:

Some rough blending with the dremel:

And then cut it out:

All cleaned up:

This is where it is installed:

The last thing I needed to do was modify the 32mm intake.  This was made to fit against the cylinder head where the studs are a larger diameter.  Since I am using this out at the end of the studs where they are smaller in diameter, I have this problem:

I popped out one of the metal spacers from the stock air assembly, cut it down and fit it into the adapter:


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