Harold Bawlzangya Racing


Made a new hole for the key on the left and used the original key hole for the USB charger/voltmeter.  Not sure yet how I will fill up the square opening.

I’ve used this stuff for years on my dirt bikes and it has always worked well to keep moisture out.

Some on the kill wire connection:

This is where/how I located the solenoid and voltage regulator.

I welded a nut into the frame so I could use it as a ground point:

Wires grounded with protectant:

Since I don’t have the little sealed electric box like the Club Cars do, I decided to put all my other electrical connections up front under the drink holder.  It will be easy to get to and should stay pretty well protected.  It will be a little while for headlights/taillights, so that circuit will be added later.

Another ground point up front.

All wiring in place:

Cleaned up:

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