Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Need just a little more room

Now that I actually have the seat bottom, I can see that the top of the S/G is going to be pretty close to hitting the bottom of the seat.  I could either relieve some of the plastic under the seat to get the added clearance or I could go with a smaller belt and drop the S/G down.  Since lowering the S/G is going to take more work – that is what I’m doing.

There are two points that are keeping the S/G from dropping further down.  On the drivers side it is hitting this mounting tab:

And the S/G is hitting my brace on the passenger side:

I was using that mount for the engine kill ground, but there is another bolt just to the right that I can use.

That was easy enough:

Luckily there was enough room that I could get the angle grinder in there and didn’t have to remove that brace:

I picked up a 30″ belt hoping that I could use it.  But with the S/G down as far as it could possibly go, the 30″ belt was going to be too tight.  Autozone had a 30.5″ belt that fit perfect, at it was only $5.

Plenty of room now:

When I need to replace it, here is the #:


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