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Finally have a something to sit on

My $500 gas cart came with a seat back, but no seat bottom.  And that seat back wasn’t in the greatest of shape.  Since I’m finally getting close to having a cart I can ride on, I thought I should start focusing on getting something to sit on.

My original place was to recover the seat back and buy a seat bottom.  This wasn’t the best price but it wasn’t bad considering it was a Yamaha seat that had the plastic bottom piece:

My search for Drive seats was still active and this auction came to my attention.  These seats didn’t include the plastic backs, but I got this one as well:

It took 4 days on Craigslist, but I was able to sell the seat bottom that didn’t have the plastic base.  So I bought the seat back/bottom combo for $153.70, the Yamaha seat bottom for $169 and then sold the extra seat bottom for $145.  Pretty pleased that I got new seats for just $177.70.


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