Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Exhaust 2.0

So this is what I get when designing an exhaust with the engine cradle out of the cart and not factoring in the space available once the engine is installed.  So this is the passenger side – the battery is way too close to the exhaust and with the gas tank being even wider, no way it will fit there either:

That means I need to find a smaller fuel cell or just leave that area open and maybe put the electronics there.

Moving over the to the drivers side, the battery could work there, but then I don’t have a lot more room for the airbox:

There were a few other more minor problems with having the muffler in front, but the previous issues were the deal breakers for me.

My only option was installing the muffler vertical near the rear end.  Here is the stainless muffler support bracket:

In place with the exhaust tacked in:

All done:

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