Harold Bawlzangya Racing

The $80 cart saves me again

That $80 electric parts cart just keeps saving me.  Now that the engine in is the cart, I can focus on getting all the small things hooked so I can take it for a test drive.  I noticed a few broken parts on the gas pedal assembly.

I tried a few times but could never get anyone to buy the electric pedal assembly.  Really glad I never did sell it because at first glance, the gas and electric pedal assemblies look identical.  Well except the electric assembly is in better shape.

The electric assembly has the mount for the gas brake switch, here it is transferred over:

The only difference between the gas and electric assemblies is the electric uses a different shaft to tie into the potentiometer.



Everything transferred over and hooked up and ready to bolt in the gas cart:

I will save the pedals but throw away the frame:


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