Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Finishing up the exhaust

I figure once I tighten the muffler clamps and rust sets in, there will be no chance I will be able to get the muffler off the exhaust pipes without damaging it.  With such a long tailpipe, I need a way to break down the exhaust so I can remove it when needed.

Flanges should do the trick.  I was trying to think how I would align the two pipes and the two flanges, then the simplest approach hit me.  I put some washers between the two flanges so the gap was large enough to fit the cut-off wheel.

Slipped the flanges on the tailpipe and welded it up.

Then cut the tail pipe apart.

With the tail pipe in place:

A few bends in the rest of the tail pipe to clear the axle and I’m finally done with it. The rear end and engine are bolted together, so there won’t be any unwanted movement by hanging the tailpipe from the rear end.

In my never ending quest to over-build things, I added this piece to the exhaust bracket:

I put a little radius on the inlet side of the tailpipe. That way if the two pipes aren’t perfectly aligned, there wont be a sharp edge for the echaust flow. 

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