Harold Bawlzangya Racing

What were they thinking?

Both Unitized Kawasaki rear ends I bought had bad input shaft bearings.  One rear end still rotated smoothly by hand, but the other was just shy of being locked up.

Guess which oil guide belonged to each rear end:


Not sure how the designers/engineers thought any oil would get to this bearing!?  Oil guide blocking the bearing on one side:


Governor sprocket on the other side:


At least the other side has a little room for oil to get to the bearing.  The clutch side bearing of both rear ends was in much better shape.  I’m sure it was still out of spec, but it wasn’t obvious to the naked eye.


This is the governor side bearing from the rear end that was toast.  The inner race shouldn’t be able to do that.


When that happens, things start rubbing that shouldn’t:


So Club Car’s solution to this bad design are sealed bearings:


I’m going trust this over what was used from the factory:


Being very careful, got the seals removed:


Grease in the other bearing:


Got all the grease out and ready for the red stuff:


I know you can over-pack a bearing with grease, but I figured that they used the bare minimum at the factory.  With the factory grease being dark in color, it was a little tough to gauge just how much was in there.  So I tried to add as much as I could while still allowing some room for extra grease to move into as the bearing got some use.


Time will tell how well this holds up.

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