Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Thank you Mother Nature

The POR15 Top Coat was delivered yesterday.  It needs to be at least 60 degrees and is a moisture cure.  The forecast for today was upper 70’s (March 1st by the way) with rain later in the afternoon.  Tomorrow’s forecast has the highs being in the upper 50’s, so I’d better make the most of today!

Several years ago I painted my KX-200 frame with POR15 BlackCoat.  Brake cleaner, carb cleaner and gas didn’t phase it at all.  Plus it was extremely durable.  POR15 replaced the BlackCoat with Top Coat.  I called POR15 and was told this is essentially the same thing.  We will see in a few days after it has cured.


I picked up a bag of play sand at HD for $4.10 and screened it and dried it out.  I was trying to run it through my cheap Harbor Freight gravity blaster.  This works well for soda blasting but the sand kept clogging it up.  The blaster wasn’t that much to begin with so I figured I didn’t have much to loose by trying to modify it for the sand.  I opened up the orifice two drill sizes and that did the trick.  The sand didn’t clog once after that.  The only down side is that I had to fill that small hopper frequently.  I sure wouldn’t want to blast a car frame, but for something this small it worked well enough.


About 40 pounds of sand in the yard.  The next big rain will level it all out.


All ready for painting.  By the time I was ready, it was already 70 degrees.


First coat:


An hour of dry time and then the 2nd coat:


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