Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Club Car rear end

I drove 103 miles to Oxford Alabama to pick up this rear end.


First thing to do is get the driven clutch off.  I let PB Blaster soak for 24 hours and the clutch still wasn’t going to come off easily.  Hitting it from behind moved it a little, but I didn’t want to bang on it any more than what I already did.


I was hoping I could pull it off:


Maybe I should have gone with 3 bolts instead of 2?


Going to have to cut it off now.  Removed everything that would get in the way.


I cut as far down the length as I could with the cutting wheel.  I made my cut over the key so I had an extra buffer and could minimize damaging the input shaft.  Luckily a few hits with a hammer and the screwdriver split the rest of it:


It still put up a good fight, but I was able to wiggle it off:


The PB Blaster had soaked in, but it sure didn’t seem to make a difference.


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