Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Shipping with expanding foam – won’t be doing that again

Note:  Spray can expanding foam from Home Depot was not the proper choice for this job.  It worked, it just took too long to cure.

I have shipped numerous engines (a few golf cart but mostly dirt bike) and have been wanting to try expanding foam in place of cardboard.

With the last engine I shipped, I spent about an hour cutting and fitting cardboard:


This is the engine that is getting shipped:


When I have used spray foam from HD before, I don’t remember it taking so long to cure.  But I guess I never had to worry about cure time either.  Anyway, after putting down this base layer, it quickly became apparent that this was going to take a while:


After a few hours of letting this base layer set-up, I could begin packing the engine.  A couple of pieces of double-wall cardboard:


With the engine in 2 large leaf bags, I made a doughnut around the crank.  That would keep the end of the crank from hitting anything:


Finally with the engine in the box, I could start packing things up.  I put a layer of peanuts on top of the cardboard and set the engine in place.  There were two spots where the engine was within a couple of inches of touching the box.  I used spray foam to hold and protect the engine in those places.



I put the gaskets in-between some cardboard:


And then placed them on one side:


Piston, rings and seals went into their own box:


More peanuts along with the remaining contents of the spray foam and it is finally ready to be taped shut:


While the total time I spent boxing this up was less than an hour, it took me most of the day to get it to the point where I could tape it shut.  The base layer of foam delayed things the most. I had to wait for that to fully cure in order to handle the weight of the engine.

Next time I will stick with cardboard and maybe start using more peanuts.

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