Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Front end damage

So in taking a closer look at the gas cart, someone hit something with the front end:


The hit appears to have taken place directly in the center of that crossmember.   The backside of it looks undamaged and straight, so I don’t think the impact was too severe.


The paint is also intact all around the front of the two main frame sections. 

Still I was a little concerned that the frame may have gotten knocked out of alignment.  I still had the electric frame and thought that might be a better foundation.  After removing the plastic floor pan, there was a lot more rust than I expected:






The front and back end of the electric frame are in much better shape, so there must have been some acid leaking that caused the paint to fail more rapidly than anywhere else on the cart.

I’ve had no interest in the electric frame – I think it will be worth more as scrap or “project” metal to me than anything I might ever get out of it.

The current plan is to cut out the undamaged cross brace from the electric cart and use it to repair the gas cart.

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