Harold Bawlzangya Racing

DPI Charger

For most of the time 12+ years we owned the 1999 Club Car DS, it had the DPI Charger.  We always got 5+ years from our batteries and I gave the DPI charger part of the credit for that (keeping them watered properly didn’t hurt).

I just haven’t had the same confidence in the Club Car charger and OBC.  Plus having the OBC is just one more part that can fail at the wrong time and really screw up plans.  After selling a few more dirt bike parts, I had enough to get another DPI charger.

First step was getting rid of the OBC.


Then I pulled the negative and signal wire from the loom:


Pulled the grey signal wire out from the loom a littler further back:


Cut and shrink-wrapped the signal wire:


Next step was removing the plug on the negative charge port wire so it can connect directly the main negative:



The last step is connecting the white and blue wires together.  Soldered with heat-shrink:


Put everything back together and plugged in the DPI.


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