Harold Bawlzangya Racing

48-12 volt reducer/converter installation

I didn’t have too many options on where to install my converter.  I finally decided to put it on the front side of the battery compartment.  I needed to remove this protrusion to get enough clearance between the converter and battery:


I wound up having to remove some trim pieces to get to the backside of the battery liner to hold the nylon lock nuts in place:


Converter in:


This converter doesn’t have a power on lead, so I’m using a 48 volt relay to turn it off/on with the key.  Flyback diode installed:


I also installed a unique key switch and then wired a signal wire for the relay.  The previous owner didn’t have a battery meter, so I put one of those in as well:


Will I was doing some wiring, I also installed a dual 2.1 USB recepiticle:



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