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NoToil comparison

After using the FilGuard filter I bought a while ago, I wasn’t that impressed.  But to be fair it was exceptionally dusty and the dust was so fine that it lingered in the air a long time.

Back when I did my air filter test, the NoToil filter performed very well.  Thinking that all NoToil filters where the same, I ordered one of the pre-oiled ones:


Right out of the bag I was surprised:


Years ago I used NoToil oil but had oil settle to the bottom of the filter and drip in the airbox.  I thought it was just be over-oiling, but I read complaints from others as well.  I stopped using it.  I am certain the machine that applies the oil in the factory is putting on the bare minimum, so I wasn’t expecting to see it settle out in the bag.


Without opening the inner bag, the filter material itself looked different than the one I tested years ago:


I went into the other room and turned the desklamp over:


I wasn’t liking what I was seeing:


I called RockyMountain up and got my return authorization for the pre-oiled filters I bought.  A quick check on eBay and I found a non-oiled NoToil filter.  A few days later this is what I received:



A quick side-by-side and you can easily tell that the foam isn’t the same between the two:


Nothing special about the sealing surface like on the Moose filters:


Now this is what I was looking for:


Seems like you give up quite a bit for the convenience of not having to oil the filter.

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