Harold Bawlzangya Racing

220 break in

It has been 485 days since I last rode my hybrid.  I was getting eager to start-up the new engine and didn’t want to take any more time putting on plastics.  So with all the essential parts bolted in place, I’m ready to break in the 220.


(click picture to enlarge)

Before I put the carb on, I checked to see what jets I had in there the last time it was used on the 200.  155 main, 40 pilot and I set the clip 4 down on the DEK needle.  I knew the needle and main would be rich, but I didn’t want to take any chances during break in.


(click picture to enlarge)

Fresh gas, Yamalube mixed at 32:1 and the engine started on the 4th kick.  After letting it warm up until the radiators got hot, I got on the bike and took an easy ride for about 30 seconds just to make sure everything sounded good.  Then I rode it as hard as I could up and down the side yard for about 10 minutes.  The engine ran very well, but got a little smokey near WOT.  I figured that was a combination of the rich jetting and the excess premix I dumped into the bottom end during assembly.

I parked the bike and noticed a small drip of anti-freeze.  I traced that back to a hose clamp that I didn’t have tightened down enough.  While I was at it, I pulled the slide and moved the clip up one position to lean it out a little.


(click picture to enlarge)

I started the bike up again to check to make sure I took care of the anti-freeze leak.  While the engine was warming back up, I checked to see if the 40 pilot jet was correct.  Turns out a 40 is too rich as I was about 2 1/4 turns on the air screw to get the highest idle.  A 38 pilot is on the shopping list now.

I did a couple of laps around the yard and the change to the needle definitely made a positive change.

I figured any more riding today would be pressing my luck with the neighbors.  Tomorrow will be plastics and messing around with the Rekluse.


(click picture to enlarge)

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