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Rekluse EXP Test

The big day for me was finally here where I could test the Rekluse EXP out.  For the areas available to me, Highland Park is a great place to test something like an auto-clutch due to the variety of terrain.  Many of the trails are fast flowing, but challenging.  Then there are the slow 1st-2nd gear trails and plenty of hills.

So the big question, how did this thing perform?

EXP install (6)

It worked perfectly – I couldn’t have asked for anything else.  The EXP stayed locked up when it should and slipped when it was needed.  I couldn’t find a single instance where it behaved unexpectedly.  There are three categories that I was able to test things out:  fast moving trails with abrupt 90 degree changes in direction, steep/long hills and slow moving trails littered with ruts, roots and rocks.

1.  On the fast moving trails, I never once stalled the engine when I had to hit the rear brake to make the 90 degree change in direction.

2.  The EXP did awesome on the hills.  In each one of the below pictures, I stopped at the bottom of the hill to take the picture.  When I put the camera away, I started the bike up and went up the hill – no running start.  If I would have tried the same thing, but manually clutched it, the end result wouldn’t have been pretty.  As usual, the hills don’t look as bad in the pictures. Lot’s of people say it about auto-clutches, but it was like cheating getting up the hills.

Rekluse Hill Test (7)

Rekluse Hill Test (6)

Rekluse Hill Test (5)

Rekluse Hill Test (4)

Rekluse Hill Test (3)

Rekluse Hill Test (2)

Rekluse Hill Test (1)

3.  On the slower, more technical trails is where the value of the EXP would really come into play.  I only went on two trails that were closer to 1st and 2nd gear only trails.   Lots of deeps ruts, changes in direction or massive amounts of roots and rocks kept the speeds low.  Never stalling and just being able to focus on which line to take and keeping the bike upright made these much easier and enjoyable to navigate.

Rekluse Tight Trail Test (1)

Rekluse Tight Trail Test (2)

Rekluse Tight Trail Test (3)

Rekluse Tight Trail Test (4)

Now that I’ve proven to myself that the Rekluse EXP works as advertised in the KDX, I can confidently sell it to help off-set the costs of the two-crank engine rebuild.


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