Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Source of debris in crank rebuild #1

At the very least, it appears the bolts that hold the crank stuffers in place was the source of debris in crank rebuild #1.

When I sent the crank to RB Designs for rebuild #2, I removed the stuffers from my other crank to replace the one that was damaged.  This is what I sent to RB:

crank rebuild #2 (8)

(Click picture to enlarge)

When I got the crank back from RB, this was the condition of the bolts that came from rebuild #1:

Dirty stuffer bolts

(Click picture to enlarge)

The person that did rebuild #1 has a good reputation, I can’t understand why he would have left so much debris in there.  If there was that much garbage in the crank I sent, at least contact me and let me know there would be an additional charge for cleaning.  It is just ridiculous to rebuild it and ship it back in that condition.

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