Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Debris in freshly rebuilt crank

I am pretty sure I found where the debris (CRAP) is coming from that I discovered in this post.

I noticed that the allen head screws holding the stuffers were darker in color on the freshly rebuilt crank than the one that came out of my bike:

dirtycrank (3)

(Click picture to enlarge)

A quick shot of carb cleaner in the allen head screw left this behind:

dirtycrank (7)

(Click picture to enlarge)

I’m guessing that there is debris all around those allen head screws and maybe behind the plastic inserts.  Nice quality work there!

I noticed this when I was installing the crank, a corner of one of the plastic inserts was chipped off:

dirtycrank (6)

(Click picture to enlarge)

I don’t remember that being there when I boxed up the crank, but since this came from that junker motor, I’m really not 100% that it wasn’t damaged before.  I will get that addressed when I go for rebuild #2.



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