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12.21.13 Durhamtown ride

First day of Winter and it was 55 degrees when we started riding at 9am and got up to 71 degrees later that day.

I bought the Lectron back in May of 2013, but this is only my 3rd ride with it. . . . sad, sad, sad.

The bike ran great.  I’m really pleased that I haven’t had to change anything on the carb since initially dialing it in.   My first ride with the Lectron was in warmer weather when it was in the 80’s.  The engine ran the same a month ago when the morning temps were in the mid 30’s.  With the Airstriker, I had to change jetting when going from summer to winter riding.   It is nice to not have to do that anymore.

Mid-day break, we hadn’t gotten to any really muddy stuff yet.  I took the kickstand off a while ago when the family stopped riding.  It gets old looking for trees, time to put the kickstand back on.

Durhamtown 12.21.13 (3)

Got home right before dark and it was time to get the bike cleaned up.  There wasn’t a lot of mud that stayed on the bike, but what was there was tenacious.  It was like a combination of baby poop mixed with concrete, with a little grease thrown in.  Water wasn’t getting it off so I had to resort to scraping it off:

Durhamtown 12.21.13 (4)

All clean and ready for WD-40:

Durhamtown 12.21.13 (1)

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