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Dirt still getting in . . .

I thought I had fixed my dirt ingestion problem during this ride with my custom base plate:


(Click picture to enlarge)

But after riding last weekend at Durhamtown I thought I’d take a look and still found dirt in the boot and on the slide of the carb.  No signs of dirt getting in at the carb or anywhere else associated with the boot.

I thought I would start with the easiest thing to check first – the airfilter.

A quick little experiment of holding my oiled Uni filter over a halogen lamp revealed this:

airfiltertest (5)

(Click picture to enlarge)

It is more dramatic when looked at in person, but I wasn’t expecting to see so many points of bright light.  Those appear to be unobstructed pathways for dirt.

Time to do a little air filter test . . .

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