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JD Jet Kit

Picked up this new  JD jet kit for about 1/2 of retail.

(click picture to enlarge)

I had been using the DEK for a while now.  You can’t tell any difference from a picture, but the DEK is in the middle of the two JD needles.

(click picture to enlarge)


The instructions have you start with the Red needle @ #4 position as the rich starting point.  To go leaner, you alternate needles and clip positions.

Red #4 was too rich,  Blue #3 ran well and Red #3 had a slight lean bog.  I was surprised that there was that big a difference between needles and clip positions.  But it does make it very clear which combination works best.

I left my other jets alone.

I got to test out the JD needle for a couple of hours on THIS RIDE.  The needle is a nice mix between the CEK and DEK needles.  The power delivery is still controllable, like the DEK, but it is easier to get the front wheel off the ground, like the CEK.


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