Harold Bawlzangya Racing

HBR Stainless Steel guards

I used some scrap stainless steel I had laying around to make some guards for the rotor and brake caliper of my bike.  The only thing that kept me from using aluminum is that I can’t weld it.  SS is easy enough to work with and is pretty easy to weld and grind.  The SS is going to weigh more than the factory plastic pieces they’ll be replacing, but I’ll trade the increase in weight for increased durability due to the places I ride.

The first item I made is the rotor guard.  Using the factory plastic piece as a template, I did the rough cuts with a cut-off wheel.

Ground down to final shape and smoothed things out with a flap wheel.

After some welding a more clean-up with the flap wheel, the finish product.

The next piece was the rear caliper guard.  At somepoint during my last ride, I hit something and broke the rear guard.  So I don’t have any type of template to work from.

After making some cardboard templates, I came up with this rough shape.

Some cleaning up with a grinding disk and flap wheel got me to this point.

All finished up and bolted to the caliper.  I put in a larger plate to cover the brake bleed screw nipple – ALWAYS PROTECT THE NIPPLE!


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