Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Winter rebuild

I’m taking the hybrid down to the frame for a winter rebuild.  Before completely taking the K-DX apart, I did two little welding projects  – skid plate mounts and PMB kickstand modification.

I then focused on stripping the frame.  Once I got the linkage off, it was time to clean it up and regrease it.

The grease was a little dirty, but none of the bearings were dry.  All done ready to bolt back on.

Next was cleaning up and regreasing the swingarm.  This first picture was taken back when I was building my K-DX comparing the new type of Teflon bearing to the standard roller bearing.

After a year of a lot of muddy riding, the Teflon side doesn’t look much different, but the copper looking coating on the other side has definitely worn.

So down to the frame.  I used VHT’s Rollbar & Chassis paint and was happy with how it held up over the last year of riding.  It definitely scratched and rubbed off in the usual places, but it held up a lot better than I was expecting out of rattle can paint that was $8 and can be found at most auto stores.  At this point it would have been pretty easy to touch these areas up.

But I had been reading so many positive things about POR-15 paint that I decided to try their BlackCote paint.  I got the sandblaster out and got off anything that was relatively loose.

Carb all apart for cleaning.

All back together ready to be bolted on.

I’ve got some good and back experiences with the BlackCote.   I brushed the BlackCote on instead of spraying it.  It takes 2 spaceheaters to warm up my workshop, so getting good ventilation was out of the question in January.  And the directions for paint say that once it cures, solvents won’t take it off.  So I was a little concerned that I might ruin my HPLV gun.

The bad is that my technique with brushing the BlackCote on produced a terrible looking finish.

The good is that once the BlackCote cured, it is definitely much tougher than the VHT Rollbar paint that I used.  And the directions where correct that solvents won’t touch the stuff. I tried acetone, brake cleaner and gas and none of those took off any of the paint or dulled the finish.

Once I get back to riding and can verify that the BlackCote is going to hold up long term, I’ll sandblast if off again and spray it on to get a better looking finish.

So with the paint fully cured, it is time to put the bike back together.

The hardest part for me is always getting the engine bolted in the frame (the 2 headstays make things tighter than usual) with just one set of hands.


On 2.21.11 I got a chance to take the bike out after the winter rebuild.  I went riding at  Highland Park.  It was a perfect day – high around 65 and not too dusty.

I was riding alone so I stayed on the 2 and 3 diamond trails.  The DynaRing was awesome.  I was really able to focus on the hills without thinking about the clutch.

I thought my latest fork revalve was really good, but that was until I hit some washed out downhills.  These were like braking bumps, but only on a side of a hill.  Going down these, I thought my bike was going to fall apart.  The funny thing is that going up rutted out and rocky hills felt pretty good.  It seems that being on or off the throttle made a difference.

After this trip, it looks like there is still more work to be done on the front end.

I also came to the conclusion that my kickstand is too long, the bike sits up almost vertically.  I’ll need to shorten that up.

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