Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Skid plate welded on mounting bolts

It may be due to having a KDX engine in a KX 125 frame, but I have very little clearance for installing the aluminum clamps that came with the $2.00 Universal skid plate from eBay.  It was so difficult getting that skid plate on that I haven’t taken it off since summer.

I wanted to use the winter down time to make installation/removal of a skid plate easier.  I went to ACE and picked up four M6-1.0 couplers and four SS M6-1.0 hex screws to replace the aluminum clamps.

I bolted one side of the skid place in place with the aluminum clamps and then installed the couplers for welding.

I was having a difficult time getting a good angle for welding, so my welds aren’t too pretty, but those couplers definitely aren’t going anywhere.

Installing and removing the skid plate will not be a whole lot easier.

Part 2 of my skid plate modification will be to make a custom aluminum plate that will protect more of the engine and do away with this little Universal plate.

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