Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Making a YZ kickstand fit a K-DX 200

I decided to take advantage of the crappy weather and tear the K-DX apart to regrease everything, touch-up the frame paint and do a few modifications.

I’ve had an eBay search set-up for over a year looking for a ProMoto Billtet kickstand.  No one was selling used ones for a KX frame and all new ones were $134.  My patience finally paid off as I won a PMB for $50 shipped.

The only problem is that it was for an ’05-’07 YZ125/250.

Since I had an easy time making a TrailTech kickstand from a 1999 YZ 125 that I owned fit my bike (just had to elongate a mounting hole by 1/8″), I felt confident I could make this one work.

Huge difference between the two, I can see why everyone that has a PMB likes it so much.  My problem is that the ’05-07 YZ mounting holes are nowhere close matching up to the KX frame.

I considered giving up and try to put the PMB back on eBay and get my money back.  But I got out the hacksaw instead and started trying to make it fit.

Recessed the new mounting location.

Cleaned things up with a belt and orbital sander.

The next thing to tackle was the lower mounting location.  I couldn’t make the KX roller guide match up to the lower mount on the PMB.  I cut-up part of a bracket from my hybrid build and will use this as an extension.  I’m going to weld the nut on the back so I don’t have to deal with using a wrench when taking the kickstand off in the future.

Not the prettiest welds, but it isn’t going anywhere.  And yes, I did clean-up the area I was welding.  I’ll paint this area and other parts of the frame after I mount-up my skid plate.

All bolted up.

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