Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Top end time on the K-DX 200 hybrid

When I built my hybrid, I kept the front and rear headstays.  It seems most people use only one, but I thought there must some reason why Kawasaki had two.  The extra work of keeping both wasn’t too bad.

The biggest downside to using both headstays is that there isn’t enough room to pull the head and cylinder with the engine in the bike.  So this what I have to do to perform a top end.  Fortunately the KDX engine doesn’t need many of these.

The engine is out, the replated cylinder is back from Powerseal, a new Wiseco piston and I’m ready to get started.

The power valves were dirty, but still moved freely.

The engine still ran pretty well despite the looks of the piston.

Putting things back together.

A quick tool I put together out of a cheap wrench and socket for torquing the lower cylinder bolts.

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