Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Case guard upgrade

I’ve been meaning to do this ever since I installed the AirStriker carb and went from 3 vent lines to 5.  It was quite cumbersome running all 5 vent lines down the back of the engine.  So I took two of the lines and ran them down the side of the engine as pictured.  They are currently being held in place by a zip tie on part of the lower frame.

Aside from having to use a zip tie to hold the lines in place, the factory chain guard excels at getting packed full with mud.  Since I’ll never ride in shoes or boots, I have no fear of laces or anything else getting caught in the chain & sprocket.  So my plan is to remove the plastic chain guard and upgrade the factory case guard to one made of stainless steel that will also hold the vent lines out of the way.

The first step is to get the chain and case guard unbolted.  I’ll be using the case guard as a template.

I traced the case guard out on some stainless steel sheet and a few minutes with a cut-off wheel got me close.

Then a few more minutes at the grinding wheel got me almost there.

And a few more minutes with a sanding disc got me as close as I need to be with this piece.

I didn’t have any round to tube stainless stock to use as spacers,  so I rounded off two stainless nuts and welded them to the back of the guard.

All done and no zip tie.

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