Harold Bawlzangya Racing

Harold Bawlzangya Racing

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Last ride before Michael hits

One last ride before the rains from Michael start hitting us.


It’s October and still 90 degrees!

It is the first week of October, the leaves are falling and it is getting dark at 7:30 pm, but it is still 90 degrees in the afternoon.

With the warm weather and no rain, I have had no problems driving the cart around.

Back to original Comet clutch combination

My Chinese Vegas Carts 780 clutch had these weights and yellow springs (who knows what tension or strength they really were).

When I got my genuine Comet 780, I didn’t even try the 106 gram weights with the yellow springs it came with. I assumed it was going to be similar to the CVC clutch.

I first tried the green springs with the 106 g weights and really liked the low engagement and how much more quiet things were when going 20 mph or less due to the engine turning less RPM.  But the little 390 just didn’t have the grunt for that combination.  It definitely struggled on some of the larger hills. On flat ground it was awesome though.

Then I tried the green springs with 91 gram weights.  That was a much better set-up for the 390.  I thought I was going to keep that combination until I had another person on the cart and noticed that performance suffered on hills again. It wasn’t a big difference, but noticeable.  I considered keeping that set-up though because most of the time it is just me on the cart.  But the weather is still warm and thought I would try the yellow/106 set-up that came with the Comet.

This is what the 91 gram weights looked like after about 4 hours of use.  The color on the weights has faded.

Engaging the green springs on the weights was easy, the stiffer yellow springs takes some effort.

Back to the original set-up.

I went out for a night drive last night with the yellow/106 set-up and I am definitely keeping it.  Acceleration and hill climbing is so much better than the other two combinations I tried.  If I had a larger engine, the 106/green set-up would have worked out really well for the type of driving I do.


Misc fuel delivery

Got the new fuel pump from Amazon yesterday.  It is in a Briggs & Stratton box but made by Mikuni.  Not crazy about the housing being plastic, but I’ll see how long it lasts.  I will get a rebuild kit for the aluminum one so I have it as a back-up.

The fuel filters are full of gas again and I can see gas flowing into the top one near the tank.  All good again.

And the vent filter is doing its job.  After two rides and 22 miles, the carburetor bowl is free of debris.

Some of that debris clogged up the carb.  With a combination of carb clearner, guitar strings and compressed air, I got it all cleaned out.

The plug is looking pretty good.  Despite getting near the end of September, it is still humid and 90-92 for afternoon highs.  Hopefully sometime soon I will need to work on winter jetting.

Fuel pump not pumping that much fuel

Despite this being a genuine Mikuni:

It isn’t holding up too well, considering there are less than 75 hours on it.  This diaphragm had gas behind it.

Comet 91 gram weights

I really like the 106 gram weights with the green springs under all conditions except going up steeper hills.  The stock GX390 just doesn’t have the torque to handle the lower RPM operation of the clutch now.  Since I already have the 91 gram weights, I thought I should see how they work before possibly going back to the yellow springs.

I was only able to drive around the neighborhood once and there is definitely an improvement on the hills.  Tomorrow will be a longer drive to get a better idea on how the combination works out.

Keeping crap out

So the last few times I have driven the route where I can go 20mph+ for an extended period of time, I have had the problem of the engine dying.  I wind up letting the engine sit for a few minutes and then I have to use the choke to get it started again.  Fortunately this occurs on my way home and I’m only about one mile from the house.  When I get home, I pull the carb to find debris in the bottom of the fuel bowl.  After the first time it happened, I replaced both fuel filters.  When it happened the 2nd time, I knew the debris wasn’t coming in through the gas line.

I find that there is a vent on the side of this carb.  I added a line and installed a filter that I had used on my dirt bikes for the same purpose.  I added a filter to the over flow line just because I have several of them.   Another ride or two will tell me if this takes care of the problem.