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Rekluse EXP 3.0 wedge comparision

I took these with my phone, so it is difficult to see the numbers stamped on the wedges, but the 14’s are the medium wedges:

14 - medium wedge

And the 13’s are the heavy wedges:

13 - heavy wedge

It is all in the title

That is a “nice” basket and a steal at $75!


Click picture to enlarge

Don’t forget to lube your bolt

It wasn’t fun the first time I had to remove a frozen swingarm bolt.  Before re-installing, I always add a thin layer of waterproof grease.

swingarmbolt (1)

The bolts always come out easy.  This one was in for about 6 months:

swingarmbolt (2)

The grease is a little dirty, but still there:

swingarmbolt (5)


Keeping busy

Rekluse Conversions

Sometimes things go smoothly . . .


Sometimes they don’t:


Don’t see this too often – broken H-series KIPS valve

This came out of a 220 cylinder I bought.

brokenKIPSsubvalve (1)

 (click picture to enlarge)

brokenKIPSsubvalve (2)

 (click picture to enlarge)

Neat little drill bit

I bought this drill bit a while ago from eBay.  It was made in Poland and didn’t cost that much.  I wasn’t sure how it would work out and I finally have a chance to try it out on my 220 build.

The first part is a 15mm guide and the cutting part of the bit is 17mm.

drillbiit (2)

 (click picture to enlarge)

drillbiit (1)

 (click picture to enlarge)


 (click picture to enlarge)

Worked very well:


 (click picture to enlarge)


 (click picture to enlarge)


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