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M-inson Clutch Basket

It is a given that Moose Racing doesn’t actually make a lot of what they sell.  Like their air filters (at least the KDX) are made by DT-1.  I recently got a Moose Racing clutch basket and it looked awfully familiar to the new style Hinson basket I recently received.  There are only a handful of companies that make clutch baskets and they all have slightly different designs.  This is especially true in the shape of the clutch basket fingers.  You can pretty much tell who made the basket by looking at the design of the inside and the outside of the fingers.

So here is the inside and outside of the new style Hinson basket:

Hinson Inside

(Click picture to enlarge)

Hinson Outside

(Click picture to enlarge)

Now the Moose basket:

Moose Inside

(Click picture to enlarge)

Moose Outside

(Click picture to enlarge)

The hard anodizing is even the same between the two. The original Hinson hard anodizing was a different color and more glossy.

But the dead give away was the instructions – same pictures and text:

Hinson Instructions page 1

(Click picture to enlarge)

Hinson Instructions page 2

(Click picture to enlarge)

Moose Instructions page 1

(Click picture to enlarge)

Moose Instructions page2

(Click picture to enlarge)


Rekluse EXP 3.0 wedge comparision

I took these with my phone, so it is difficult to see the numbers stamped on the wedges, but the 14’s are the medium wedges:

14 - medium wedge

And the 13’s are the heavy wedges:

13 - heavy wedge

It is all in the title

That is a “nice” basket and a steal at $75!


Click picture to enlarge

Don’t forget to lube your bolt

It wasn’t fun the first time I had to remove a frozen swingarm bolt.  Before re-installing, I always add a thin layer of waterproof grease.

swingarmbolt (1)

The bolts always come out easy.  This one was in for about 6 months:

swingarmbolt (2)

The grease is a little dirty, but still there:

swingarmbolt (5)


Keeping busy

Rekluse Conversions

Sometimes things go smoothly . . .


Sometimes they don’t:


Don’t see this too often – broken H-series KIPS valve

This came out of a 220 cylinder I bought.

brokenKIPSsubvalve (1)

 (click picture to enlarge)

brokenKIPSsubvalve (2)

 (click picture to enlarge)


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